Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Have a Nice Day!" 3rd place at Everlan Battlefield 8v8.

Went 3-1, lost one match to 20ID who ended up geting 1st (if you have to fly people from other states to win, your ghetto cough 20ID cough).

We each got a plantronics DSP400 Headset and 2x 512 Kingston Hyper ram. Good job guys.

From left to right:Andy, Sean, Brandon, Dave, Daniel, Andrew, Brian
A break down of the team:
Brain (Manager, Alpha Squad Leader)
Sean (Captain, Commander)
Andrew (Bravo Squad Leader)
Brandon (Bravo Squad, Special Forces)
Daniel (Alpha Squad, Armored Vehicle)
Dave (Alpha Squad, Anti Tank)Corey (Alpha Squad, Special Forces)
Andy (Command Assist, Special Forces)

On a side note, the little dude 3rd from the right, hes not on our team. He ran the tourney. For the record he favors 20ID otherwise he would have followed the rules and forfited them when they were over an hour and a half late to the match.


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