Thursday, March 30, 2006

Samurai Western Completed

Can there be a better concept... Samurai who can deflect and dodge bullets in the old west. Needless to say the senseless violence and relentless bloodshed in this game was appealing. You figure those dirty hoodlums in the old west have it coming to them. Also has the same voice actor who does Roger Smith and Spike Speigal (Anything he acts in I seem to enjoy for some reason). You have multiple weapon styles, not really different weapons but actual styles in which you fight with and gain as you level. Also tons of accessories which raise and lower attributes (the models show on the character!). The game didn't take me long to beat. I did not clear it 100% (to many other games to finish). However I do see myself playing this game (unlike God of war) since there is still unlocks and secret levels I can open up.

Used at Game stop for $17.95

I give it 8 out of 10 (few more hours of game play and some better modeling environments and this would have been a CLASSIC)


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