Sunday, April 02, 2006

Evil Dead: Regeneration - Completed

For those of you who know me. Know I seriously dislike Bruce Campbell. But I still love Ash what can I say. So I picked up this game. This game gave me about the same experience as meeting Bruce. It sucks, the graphics were improved greatly. The camera didnt hate me, but with all this seriously guys did you even play the game before releasing it? Making 10 levels with all the same "Puzzle" is FUCKING retarded. Sure the levels look different but the game play was me playing the last level over again. Also go now and fire the dumb fuck that thinks there only needs to be six (seven if you count the upgraded chainsaw, which I am not) weapons in a full featured game. To some six may seem like allot but this is Ash who comes stock right off the bat with a boom stick and a chainsaw. Then giving each of them a down grade (yes a down grade) and a single upgrade. It amazes me they could improve this game so much in graphics. But for actual game play Evil Dead "Fist full of boomstick" blows this game off the shelf.

For an Evil dead fan I give it a 5, the commentary is about the only good thing about this game.

For anyone who doesnt know what "Evil Dead 3" is then I give this a game a 2 (yea out of 10). You might find some enjoyment but I doubt it.

PS. "Extras" can involve more then just listening to people ramble on about the game. For fucks sake explain why you didnt play it before it was release.


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