Monday, April 16, 2007

King Kong – Completed

Now let me tell you I only played this game for the achievements. That is the only reason anyone should disgrace themselves with playing this debauchery. While I didn’t care for the movie and in general movie games don’t live up to and standard my expectations of the game were low.

The game has two different play modes as you go through the story, a FPS as the lead actor in the film and as Kong. Now the FPS aspect of this game was really tough to play. Most people who know me realize I have been playing FPS’s for over 15 years. When I got about an hour into this game I started to feel my stomach swirl. I was actually getting motion sickness from playing the game. The game literally made me physically ill and I could only play in hour spurts. The controls were not horrible and the concept that if you run out of ammo there are spears around for you to throw was a nice additive.

When playing as Kong the controls were completely off. When you press a button or try to move him it was like driving a car with no power steering, yet the wheel only goes so far. This made the experience fairly miserable for a twitch gamer, if you like chrome hounds you might enjoy this portion of Kong.

This game is 3 out of 10. Don’t get it unless you want achievements and recognize it will be a miserable experience.

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