Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trauma Center: Second Opinion - Completed

This is my second bout with this game as I originally had it for the DS. The revamp of the game changes the controls for the Wii and also has difficulty levels. Most people who attempted the DS version walked away quite frustrated with sore hands. Second opinion scales the difficulty and makes for quite the game.

The game itself is surgery, something that many people can rarely witness. It gives you the opportunity in a virtual environment to know and do things that surgeons do, at least to a certain extent. In the end it is still a game.

The controls are easy and if the very idea of a surgery game intrigues you. Then you should really consider giving the game a go.

There are a few bad features anyone should consider before playing. Two major things stand out in my mind. One being the music in this game is terrible and turning it off could make for a more pleasurable experience. The second issue being the games story and all of the dialogue it requires you to read to understand the story. Luckily one of the developers must have recognized this flaw and put in the option to skip all of the talking. This is done in a very half assed manor, when you select skip it speeds up the text and makes it clearly unreadable but still has to go through each sentence of text. Although at first for me it proved to be a good time to use the restroom and get food, over time it was annoying.

Give it a 7 out of 10, took around 6 hours to beat with out the extra seven surgery’s which I have not done. The idea of the game is extraordinary and I would love to see more titles with out side the box thinking. The dialog got annoying and some of the levels caused immense frustration. But over all a good experience.


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