Friday, March 30, 2007

TMNT - Completed

My generation caused the turtle crazy when I was about 12. I have seen all the live action movies and the majority of the cartoons. Deep down inside there’s a little turtle fandom. When the preview for the new movie popped up I was ecstatic, almost as if I were 12 again and thought to my self “I wonder how good the game is going to be” as I played TMNT2 on my play choice. In all honesty I was not let down and did not regret purchasing the game.

The game is a plat former that almost seems based off god of war. The camera is fixed and adjusts itself automatically to the angle which is need for the section you are in. Unlike other fixed camera games I rarely felt that it would not allow me to see what I needed to. In god of war every level appeared to have a point I would die due to lack of visibility. Then there is the control scheme, two buttons for attacks, a jump button, and a turtle switching button. There is some stuff to do with the triggers, but the entire layout is simple and easy to use. Even when it came to combo turtle attacks it was a single button push. The quality of the camera and easy of controls made the game pretty much stress free.

The game is based off the TMNT movie and the graphics seem on par with it. All of the cut scenes are direct excerpts from the movie in its CGI goodness. Being as I went and saw the movie halfway through the game it was nice to see that the game did not give away the entire plot. But it did fill in some gaps and allow you to understand some of the subtle things in the movie. It was also nice to see a turtle game that was not overly focused on dialogue (cowabunga) or pizza.

There are essentially three parts to the game: Roof Jumping, Fighting enemies in confined space, fighting the Boss. The roof jumping reminds me of crackdown only on a vary liner path. On occasion you have to call on another turtle to swing you that little extra. Fighting enemies was enjoyable and almost like a mini game. Pick which turtle you want and fight away, do a combo hear and there pretty much just senseless fighting with no blood. The boss battles were a nice refresher to what a boss battle should be like. There was none of this “hit x now, alright hit y now”. The boss attacks you and you fight with as much tact as possibly.

The game is fun and the easiest 1000 achievement points to hit the 360.

For me a TMNT lover and the fact I enjoy a simple plat former now and again this game was 8 out of 10.

If you want a real gaming experience then this would not recommend it.


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