Monday, February 26, 2007

Dead Rising – Completed

Before knowledge of Hell boy for 360, this game was the most compelling reason for me to get the new Xbox. Zombies in a mall with a plethora weapons at hand seems like a complete formula for success to me. A concept many lovers of the zombie genre have contemplated since the original Dawn of the Dead.

At this point the majority of 360 games I have played had great controls and were easy to learn and use. Dead rising as followed suit very well. In the game you control quite a few objects and vehicles. It seems that each process was thought out and designed specifically for the situation. When racking up my 53,594 kills for the mega buster I spent a lot of time in vehicles. The vehicles are a very small portion of the game and you can almost complete the game with out using them. Yet when driving through leisure park trees were easy to avoid with faster responsive controls. You can tell the time was put in to make sure everything worked well. The only thing I found frustrating was sniping. It seems that when you’re zoomed in and move the reticule, it is moved a set distance. This keeps you from being very accurate in aiming while completely zoomed in. To compensate for this it seems if a zombie is any where near the center of your site the bullet will still magically hit it. This isn’t posed to be a realistic shooter and this is what I would consider a small feature to compensate for minute portion of the game.

The mall itself was fairly well designed, yet I wonder if when they got to the north plaza they got lazy. The majority of this area is under construction. It does add a certain ambiance that differs from the rest of the mall, however I think it could have easily been filled with a wide range of stores. When was the last time you were in a mall and it was being renovated?

Sound bits are a tad over done for me. I kept hearing this clicking in the background wondering if something strange was following me only to realize that it was my sword. Sitting in the security office waiting for the next case to begin the TV had to be muted. These ungrateful whiners whom I had already saved from impending doom insist on crying once brought to safety. In my second run through the game I almost contemplated not saving them for my own peace of mind.

The game has seven different endings, two of which I have had the pleasure of seeing. The thing that got me was having to know what exactly you must do to get the true ending. With no guidance through the last day I sat waiting for my helicopter. Isabella sat in her brother’s hide out and gave me little to no response from 6 am until 8 am as I waited for her to come with me. Only to find out that I had to speak with her after 10 am. Games built that require guidance or sheer luck annoys me.

I give it 9 out of 10


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