Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Completed

The latest installment of the truly loved genre of RPG games from Nintendo. I am a Zelda fan, sadly this will be only one of three Zelda games I have completed. The others being Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker. Though playing this game on the Wii proved to be an unparalleled experience. Even though I power housed the game and was able to beat it in just over a week (logging 37 hours), it never grew tiring. Few points of frustration which I will get into later.

The basis of the story is an evil menace has unleashed its power on the land of Hyrule. Forcing it into the twilight where humans are transformed into spirits and only have fear of the dark beasts around them. As Link you have been choose to save the world and you can entire the twilight. But when you enter the twilight you are transformed into a wolf. In the form of the blue eyed wolf you do not have access to your gadgets, rather you have your own special abilities. This made for a good change of pace with in the story of the game. Once you had thwarted that portion of the twilight Link would return to human form. There is also the introduction of a new character named Medina. She is from the twilight and assisting you only as a means to gain the power she wants. She acts as the voice of help when Link is lost on his quest and looking for the path in which to continue.

The basic controls involved directing link with the nun chuck’s analog stick, slashing by making movements with the wiimote, aiming your bow by pointing the wii mote at the screen and pressing the B button to fire. Over all I found it simple to adopt after the first few hours. When I first played the game it only lasted maybe two hours. My wrist started to ache and the game was shelved for a few weeks. After some good ol ribbing from a friend of mine I gave it another shot. The second time around everything felt comfortable and easy. Oddly enough not being restricted to hold my hands together like with a classic controller elevated the majority of hand pain in long gaming sessions. Another bonus for being able to play on the wii.

Something very bad happened to me in the midst of the game. After finding the sky cannon I save my game and walked away for a few hours. When I came back I noticed something odd was going on. The game would not let me move forward, transform or warp out. Apparently when you find the cannon an event starts. If the game is paused during that event the characters that need to be there to let you move on are gone. Yet they will keep link from leaving the small room to try again. There is no fix for this and Nintendo is aware. Lucky for me an Admin on the Nintendo forums sent me a save file that puts me right in line where I was with the story, making it so I could finish the game. When this happened the game really was tainted for me. This left a bad taste in my mouth that there was two minutes in the game if you saved all was lost. But it is software and they can only test so much.

Out side of my unpleasant experience the game was amazing.

For me it was 9.5 out of 10. While many could argue that it should be a 10 my personal experience and opinion is my own. This score is not based on the glitch but rather the fact that what I found difficult in the game not the fights. It was trying to decipher how to beat a boss or where to go next. This is extremely frustrating for me and can almost turn me off certain games completely.


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