Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rampage: Total Destruction - Completed

First off this game was not just completed by me. Athena and I were able to play through the campaign mode together cooperatively. At least it is supposed to be cooperative, Athena definitely nailed my monster a few times while flailing about.

Rampage is a game of destruction, you punch and kick your way through cities. Meanwhile police and armies try and thwart your destruction by attacking you in droves. The game takes you through major cities such as New York, Hong Kong, London and so on. Through out the levels there are challenges that can be achieved to unlock special powers for your monster. At the end of each city is a boss of some kind and they were definitely challenging.

One really great feature is being able to find new monsters. There appear to be quite a few hidden in buildings just waiting for you to unleash them. The monsters do not seem to be much different other then appearance, however a walkthrough I read suggested that some hit harder while others have more hit points. After unlocking the turtle I doubt any other monster short of Godzilla would impress me, but finding them is fun none the less.

This is the second WII game to be completed in my home and its hard for me to express my appreciation for the system. I am impressed to say the least. The controller scheme does use the WII motion sensing. But game play does not depend on it. Your punching and jumping are controlled by the A/B buttons and movement with the analog stick. This allows you to play as if on a normal console. Motion sensing is used to snatch people up from the ground by making a right left motion the with controller and to perform a ground pound you make an up down motion. This adds to the game and the motions you are making really give a good feel to what happens on the screen. The mixture of controls is very fun and easy to pick up.

This game gets 8 out of 10. There could have been a lot more put into it. But it was only $20, and I would recommend it to any of my friends that have WII’s and girlfriends who like to destroy things. The story is also kind of neat and quirky, which I didn’t really touch on because it didn’t affect the game.


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