Sunday, August 26, 2007

BioShock – Completed

A new game to redefine the genre of first person shooters, that’s the impression I got from the hype of this game. Does it accomplish that feat? Not by my standards it does not, Half life and Half life 2 defined what first person shooters of today are. Before I go any farther I want to make something very clear, buy this game, play it and love it as I did.

To me there is nothing really over the top new in this game and honestly if there was and you were a FPS fanatic would you even want to play it? The game does take many unique ideas that have been used before and combine them into one hell of a game. The game employees what can barely be described as a duel weapon system. You have traditional guns as well as your genetically enhanced hand. Your hand can switch between six different actions you set for different purposes. Anything from burning away ice to removing debris with telekinesis, the methods and system of powers reminds me of “The Darkness” and how those powers are required to move through the game. It is unique but in my opinion not ground breaking.

The story is almost something new, you could just chalk it up as another shooter fighting mutants. Unlike other mutant fighting extravaganzas the story fuels this game. It kept me intrigued enough to want to know what would happen next and got semi excited when large portions of the story were reviled. At least it was not Nazi’s or aliens right?

As always on the 360 the graphics are done very well and the controllers were easy to se and very fluid. I must tip my hat to 360 developers for taking away the pains I felt on the PS2 and Wii with what felt like lack luster controlling.

The game is 10 out of 10 for me. My only qualm is it could have been longer. I really enjoyed the frequent achievements of 5 to 10 points giving you some sense of accomplishment. Again go now and buy the game and love it. FYI the PC version evidently does have some bugs if your considering it over the 360 version.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Darkness – Completed

One day Moose and I went to his house for lunch so he could let the dogs out and I could check out his PS3. He was raving about this game and wanted me to play the demo. After about 10 mins I had fallen in love with the concept. You are the evilness plaguing the world, you are the beast tearing the hearts from his victims.

The story centers on a mobster on his 21st birthday. He basically dies that day and the darkness brings him back to life (think ghost rider the movie). The city that could almost be considered a mini-sandbox is your playground to find your foes and enact vengeance on them. The story in itself has some depth to it and plays out well with everything going on.

The game is a FPS, with a twist that seems to be more common in games these days. You have a darkness that you can use alternatively to regular guns. Through the game you develop different types of the darkness in which you can unleash. Each situation you find yourself in can be approached with different styles, sometimes brute force works and other times its better to use a stealth tactic.

The game for me was 9 out of 10. With the controls seemingly perfect and the game play looking smooth and well done, I can’t not recommend this to any who has a 360 and enjoys a shooter. It could have been just a few hours long and made the game perfect.

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