Tuesday, November 25, 2008

With the price drop on the Xbox 360 many of my friends have picked them up. With that in mind three years has passed since its launch and many of great games have come and gone. With this seasons block busters emptying our wallets I thought writing a quick note about great games you can now pick up at very low prices.

BioShock - First person Shooter - $29.99 - Score 96
Great shooter with an enticing story and beautiful graphics. I really cannot say enough about this game, just get it and enjoy it.

The Orange Box - First Person Shooter - $19.99 - Score 96
Bang for buck you do not get much better then this. The second halflife and its first episode also includes team fortess 2 and the now epic Portal game. Not including multiplayer this is easily 20 hours of great gaming.

Dead Rising - Third Person Melee - $19.99 - Score 85
Have you ever watched a zombie movie that the survivors are stuck in a mall trying to live through the apocolypse? Well of course you have and this game encompass's the idea entirely. This was one of the reason I bought a 360 and it lived up to all my expectations. A must have for any 360 owner, will give plenty of hours in game play with multiple endings.

Crackdown - Third Person Shooter - $12.99 used - Score 83
Ever thought about being on the good side in grand theft auto? The lone police officer doing anything he to keep orgonized crime from controlling his city. Well her you go and a nice touch would be the human enhancements that allow you to jump over buildings and throw cars.

The Darkness - First Person Shooter - $17.99 used - Score 82
This shooter gives you mystical dark powers that help you fight for revenge. The game has a twisted story line that takes you to hell and back. Strangley many people who played it found a ton of enjoyment just poking out street lights, if you try the game you will understand.

Assasins Creed - Thrid Person Melee - $29.99 - Score 81
This company built a machine unlocking your DNA to reveal your ancestors memorys, alrighty then. But on better note this is a game for this who enjoy sneakign around and striking foes with out wanring and after disapaiting into the crowd. The enviroment is semi sand box with open citys, plenty of this to do from pick pocketing to removing and unjust leader.

Condemned: Criminal Origins - Mystery - $12.99 used - Score 81
Your a detective trying to catch a serial killer only to enravel a larger plot. If you want something to keep you on the edge of your seat and a prefrence to keep the lights on when you play this is the game for you. While the fighting is in first person I personally would not classify this as a shooter or a melee. Since the majority of what you do is analize crimes and clues to figure out whats going on.

Lego Starwars: Complete Saga - Platformer - $19.99 - Score 80
When you get to freely use the force and light sabers it can only be a good thing. Not to mention the violence is masked by simply having the legos break apart. Fun for all ages and appropriate to play in front of children.

Lost Planet - Third Person Shooter - $29.99 - Score 79
Mechs, Snow, and giant aliens three of my favorite things. A story worth following and plenty of action. If your into multiplayer there is much to be had with this one.

With that I will bring my list to a close, all of these games can be picked up very cheap used on ebay. But I included links if you prefer that new game smell.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger John Blanco said...

That's cute that some people have 360's. At least there's one other system trying to compete.

Lego Star Wars is great for the Wii. You not only get to slay the dark side (or the rebellion if you so choose), but you get to exercise at the same time!!


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