Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rayman Raving Rabbits - Completed

After playing this on the Wii I was pretty reluctant to try on the 360. The Wii control scheme was not very stable and I assumed that it was the programming not the input. But strangely enough on a regular controller the game is made unbelievable easier. No more concern about moving your left hand too late with the Wii mote, since you just use the left and right buttons on the 360 controller. Having the ability to make a steady rotation and throw the cow farther then I was ever able to on the Wii. Now don’t get me wrong this game is still kind of crap. A boat load of mini games and somewhat fun FPS sequences, yet still seems to be lacking content. There does not seem to be and pure party mode to allow you and four friends to wreck havoc when drunk. The single player includes one game that’s the same for all 15 level and you end up repeating the majority of the games with increased difficulty. Which bring me to the point of the door closing game, if I find the man responsible for that game so help me I shall slam a door in his face repeatedly!

For me the game was really 5 out of 10. Nothing new and improved about it, mini games from Mario party were more engaging. The only real fun part was shooting stuff with plungers, everything else seemed like work.

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