Sunday, January 13, 2008

Overlord – Completed

It is hard for me to classify this game, I will go with “Third person RTS”. You start out in a third person view of your “overlord” and collect minions. The minions are at your will and command, they can be controlled manually by the right stick or sent off to attack using the right trigger. The minions you collect through out the game are of four different types: Brown (normal), Red (fire), Blue (water), and Green (Poison). Each ahs there own abilities including resistance to the elements there color reflects. Sadly all but blue will drown themselves if you take a wrong turn towards water and ton realize this. Early in the game the inform you that your minions will happily sacrifice themselves for you, but something tells me I should be able instruct them to not mass suicide into water.

A not so unique feature in this game is the ability to make moral choice. Now don’t get me wrong we will slaughter hordes of Halflings, Dwarfs, and unicorns. But you accidentally kill a single human peasant and suddenly you are corrupt! Not sure what the message they are attempting to convey is, but its clear anything but human should be slated for genocide.

While in the game a small portion is centered on recovering smelters that will allow you to make more powerful armor. Now to me this is a great idea to advance your abilities since up to this point all you got was more and more minions. After recovering the lesser of all smelters I went to make armor only to find out for it to be upgraded properly would require me to spend a few hours farming minions. This is a single player game that promotes farming, Blizzard send this people a cease and desist for there gold farming trainer!

Game to me was 6 out of 10. The game definitely had awkward ideas when it came to being programmed and the concepts of corruption. But graphics were not to shabby, yet story was fairly weak.

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