Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rainbow Six: Vegas – Completed

This was a pretty decent squad based shooter. There were points in which I wanted to throw something at the TV, yet it was much more playable the solider of fortune. The story is solid and the environments are wonderful, add in the balanced well done controls and it’s easy to understand the positive reviews on this game.

To me there is not a whole lot to say about it, if you have played Rainbow Six or Ghost recon in the past you already have a good idea of the game play. The biggest difference would be an update in graphics and AI. Both of those aspects hit home this latest installment. I do recommend giving it a try. Fair warning if you us the Camera to make your own character, mine came out bald! Anyone who knows me is well aware that is not the case!

Easy 8 out of 10, playable, looks good, solid plot. Does leave you hanging in the end and seems nearly impossible to get into a multiplayer game.


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