Monday, December 03, 2007

Blazing Angels – Completed

This game was one of the first few I got for my 360. It suffers pretty seriously from a lack of direction. When on a mission you have only an incline as to what to do and hope the objective is clear. In one mission you need to destroy and airport, meanwhile your bombers are constantly crying for help. So you go and shoot down the planes chasing them only to fail the mission. When all along the only thing you needed to do was destroy the anti-air units on the ground. Also some of the mission require you to fly canyons or low and on a path, then they give you a time limit. This resulted in my plane being pasted many times into walls and the ground, it also almost resulted in a controller going through the TV.

Each mission preselects your plane and payload, this gives you little room to strategize. You do not have the option of missiles vs. bombs (getting the idea you should play ace combat 6 instead?) making some ground attack stages incredibly hard when a simple payload of bombs would allow you to do your job with little difficulty. The missiles are not homing (it is World War II) in essence they are pretty useless.

The game for me is 5 out of 10, graphics are not bad, controls kind of suck, story is World War II so nothing new there, and the achievements are out of this world difficult to get. After a good 5 hours of game play I got a single achievement and was at least two hours away form a second one.

brooklyn naval shipyard