Friday, May 19, 2006

Tales of Phantasia - Completed

What can I say, 44 hours to beat this game and it was for Gameboy Advanced, brand new was $30. I felt I have goten my moneys worth. As with all the "Tales" games from namco this was a RPG with a twist on the battles. Its all real time (like street fighter). The game had a great story and kept me going for almost 3 weeks. The last battle took me an hour and fifteen minutes (the entire time I am button mashing vigorusly).

The game had a few points in the story I was lost on what to do next. But that is the only drawback I can find.

I give it a 9.5!!!!!

Has more game play then the past three games I have played put together and for the price its crazy not to consdier buying this title!

Lucky me I had Tales of Lengedia for PS2 on the shelf waiting (Thank to my Dad he got it for me on my birthday)


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