Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - Completed

Alright this is the first Sqeenix game I have ever completed and I wasnt pleased. The game play is extremely repetitive. Though I enjoyed the story and some beautiful CGI sequences the only thing that kept me going was just completing the game. Towards the end I got to a point where I would enter and exit a dungeon just too waste "periods" in order for the chapter to be over.

On a lighter note the characters were great. Everything from a Guts look alike to a samurai. Giving a very worldly depth to the game. The fighting system was also fun, however it did not appear to require any skill.

I give the game 7 out of 10. Looks great sounds great awesome story and game play was enjoyable. The content however just repeated its self over and over and over and over.

Time: 45 hours 01 minutes 38 seconds

Level: 44

Rank: Normal


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