Sunday, July 16, 2006

Samurai Jack: Shadow of Aku - Completed

If you took out the cut scenes this would be one of the cleanest games I have seen. The graphics run so seamlessly it amazed me. I really felt like I was in full control over Jack and his movements. The graphics on the cut scenes need a little better light source shading in order to accentuate the facial features of Jack. But hey at least theres a Samurai Jack game so I wont complain too much.

The game really wasnt that long, maybe 4-6 hours of hard game play with no unlock able game play features. The story was traditional Samurai Jack, Aku has a time portal and Jack is trying to get it. Saving villagers on the way and tearing through hordes of robots. If you can find this fro under $20 and are a fan I would say go for it.

Another really awesome feature was the battle damage. Yea kind of like battle damage he-man. As Jack loses life his shirt tears slashs appear etc. It gives a certain visual element to your life scale.

Give this game a 9 out 10, I really enjoyed the content even though it was short. I am a big Samurai Jack fan and I am sure the game gained a few points just for that.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Predator: Concrete Jungle - Completed

This game was great. Everything from the tearing of spinal cords from the body to the unlock able costumes. Well worth the $20 I spent on it. This will remain faithfully on my shelf till I forget everything about it and I will go back for more. Brings all the elements of the Predator you know and love, including a brief appearance of "ALIENS" which you can slaughter in the masses.

Game gets at 9.5 out of 10. The Jumping felt awkward. Otherwise a very solid game with a great story, twice as good for fans of the movies and previous games.

Total game time: 12:25:59

Chapters: 27/27

Bonus tasks: 18/18

Weapon Upgrades: 14/14

Attribute Upgrades: 12/12

Alternate Costumes: 6/6

Honorable Kills: 1246

Dishonorable Kills: 8

Executions: 62

Back broken: 15

Skulls Ripped: 40

Throats Sliced: 12

Necks Snapped: 5

Heads Crushed: 5

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Teen Titans - Completed

Majesco didnt do to bad with this game that is what they call "Discount Games". The style is much like "Marvel Legends" but with the five teen titans. As you complete levels it unlocks new powers, combos, multiplayer charecters, and multiplayer levels. The dialogue was either done by the show cast or they did a damn good job replicating there voices. All in all for teen titans fans I would recommend this game. With a $20 price tag I dont think you can really go wrong.

I give this game 8 out of 10. The graphics and story were on par. but with only 5-6 hours of game play for the primary game felt a little lacking. Plus some of the major villians with in Teen Titans were not even touched on. But hey its a discount game.

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