Saturday, June 09, 2007

Prey – Completed

Ever wonder what would happen if Turok and Quake had conceived a child? Well the answer is here and it is called Prey. You’re an American Indian (Cherokee to be exact) trying to pull yourself away from the reservation but the woman you love believes in the tribe and all there followings, so she wont leave. That’s right about where the majority of the unique plot ends (if you call it unique) and the story spirals into aliens have come to harvest us for food (Killer Klowns anyone?). Now that I have spoiled the entire plot for you we can talk about game play.

Once abducted you start to find some miscellaneous alien weapons, but always have your trusty wrench (I wanted my crowbar dammit). The nice thing about these weapons is they never require reloading. If you have ammo you can fire continuously until it runs out. You have your basic machine gun, rocket launcher, alien grenades, and then you find a special gun. Its not all that powerful to change the game balance, yet the concept is really fun. It fires like a shotgun liquid acid, and burns the victim like a DOT. The acid is bright green and leaves a distinct mark on your enemy, this gun is very useful for tagging something in the dark (almost piantballish). All the weapons seem to have there advantages and work really well in the correct conditions. To me the weaponry was well planned and developed.

The game introduces something I have not seen before which they call spirit mode. This allows you to leave your body and move to certain areas of the game which you cannot reach on this plane of existence. While in spirit mode you have your Cherokee bow that can kill living things and is fueled by there souls. If your mortal body dies in the game you are transferred to the spirit world and if you fight off the evil spirits long enough you can be transferred back to the living. Essential I was not able to find a way to die in the game, even jumping off cliff sent you to the spirit world. You can only assume this made the game pretty easy, but when you are resurrected you do not have any extra ammo. It may come to the point if your really bad at the game you will have to fight some fairly large monsters with your wrench.

The environments in the game cannot go unnoticed. The giant doors and monster holes gained most of the attention from the outside world, this was due to the visual aspects. Some of the doors are round and look like a rectum, which I have affectionately named sphincdoors (get it ha-ha) and then some of the monster doors look like the female reproductive organ. At first you giggle and it throw you a little bit, by the end of the game you wonder what kind of perverted developers work there.

The game is 8 out of 10. This is probably the smoothest normally controlled FPS I have played on a console. Though it took around 6 hours to beat, that seems pretty short.

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