Monday, June 04, 2007

Sonic the Hedge Hog - Completed

Again with me and my silly achievements, which by the way this games was no easy to give up. Jenna was kind enough to loan me this game and for warned me that it was hard and frustrating. Armed with this idea I went ahead and loaded the game up and had at it.

First and foremost issue with this game is controlling sonic. The jumping and running is easy enough, but when moving very fast it’s like a drag car on skis and does not appear to have any really stability. This forces you to run into walls and bonk sonic on the head. If this were not bad enough half of the game while playing sonic is jumping puzzles (read my Futurama review to understand how I loathe jumping puzzles) and the other half of the game is homing attacks. This gives the game an extremely repetitive feel.

After pushing myself to beat the game with sonic I moved on to silver and shadow. To be honest both of these characters were quite fun to play, if they had not been I would not have walked away with what little achievements I did. If you are a huge sonic fan then I suggest playing sonic to the second level where you fight and beat silver. Once unlocked start his game and play through and the experience could actually bring you some pleasure. While playing silver you can unlock shadow and play him through also.

To complete the entire game you will need to finish sonic along with the two others. This unlocks the fourth story mode that has you play each of the characters (including side characters tales, knuckles, etc). The levels are frustrating and the final boss is fairly easy, but it has to be done if you want to “Officially” beat the game (plus its some extra achievement points).

The game for me is 4 out of 10. For the most part the story, controls, and graphics are sub par. The game honestly is not worth the achievements I got from it.

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