Saturday, December 01, 2007

Time Shift – Completed

Mike T rented this before I got a chance and was generally disappointed. When I went to play it my expectations were not that high. With that mind set I think it allowed me to enjoy the game more. An FPS that gives you the ability to control time in small increments, such as rewinding time, pausing time, and slow motion. The time allotted is based on which one you use, for instance pausing time using more power then putting people into slow motion. Occasionally it will force on type on you for the detected environment. Other times it will allow you to use any at your will. When it does choose it’s usually for a good reason, an example would be getting hit by a sticky grenade. The suit automatically knows to reverse time and let you get out of the way. There are other times when being bombarded by missiles you have to control it manually to effectively dodge attacks. Using the manual control was less then ideal and I think they could have found a better way to do it.

The story is a little thin for my tastes, they give you little to grasp when it comes to the evil power you are fighting. Near the end you actually figure out why you are fighting and in my opinion would have been much more motivating had they told you in the beginning. But then again they may not have cut scenes that way and really a game is only as good as its cut scenes… isn’t it?

Now the absolute best thing about the game is pausing time and walking up to a bad guy. You can then take is weapon and restore time. He is completely dumb founded and starts to cower and of course to can proceed to shoot him or beat him to death. The bewilderment alone made me crack up every time.

Game for me was 6 out of 10. Really only few hours long and most of the achievements are multiplayer. When are developers going to realize that multiplayer achievements only for people to boost stats with there friends, because the majority of the time after a month no one is playing the game. Do they really think they have created the next counter strike?

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