Monday, August 21, 2006

Lost Magic - NOT Completed

This game offered me very little. I am not in any way shape or form an RTS gamer. My mind wants to press a single button and have an action be made. This game requires the user to make symbols when ever a spell is being cast. This not only proved to be difficult, it was also fairly painful on my man sized hands while using the touch screen. So all in all the game got a little over an hour of my time before it was placed on eBay and promptly sold.

I will admit I liked the graphics and the art in the cut scenes. They were well done and looked very good. Also the story had normal rpg'ish elements and seemed like it would have been fun to follow through with.

Now this is where my knowledge of the game ends and I use second hand information from ZaBlanc. He has finished the game and said he enjoyed the experience. However 3/4 of the way through the game he had to completely start over from scratch because the section of the game required a certain monster and his only save point did not allow him to go and find said monster type. In my mind this is completely un-acceptable in any game.

The game receives 4 out of 10. Remember I played barely an hour before I got fed up and sent it packing and you may have a better experience then me.


At 7:52 PM, Blogger John Blanco said...

Lost Magic was indeed a "good" game. It had many flaws, however.

First, yes, indeed, I was forced to replay the game from scratch. In approaching the mist sage for the second time, taking the evil track, you are locked in to an area where you are unable to get water monsters. Since I had defeated the mist sage with only a pair of mist monsters the first time, and weak ones at that, I found myself unable to overtake him a second time and was forced to restart.

Second, the game had slowdown issues. There can be made an argument that this made the game easier -- perhaps it was done in purpose -- but it was annoying. The DS should be able to handle this kind of logic in a graphically unintensive environment. Shoddy coding.

Third, the final enemy was way too easy. There were far harder *levels* than the final enemy, which I was able to defeat within 20 minutes in 2 tries.

Fourth, the stupid pet bird is totally obnoxious and pointless in the game.


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