Monday, August 14, 2006

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max - NOT Completed

Out side of playing SF2 on a SNES with Shane at lunch during jr high I missed the entire street fighter fiasco. I got decent at the some of the three odd movies each character could do.

So with that history I loaded up SFA3M and gave it a go. Noticing very quickly by the plethora of characters and options, that I was going to be a bit lost. After losing and watching my opponents do spectacular moves and attempting to train with no real direction the game got old really quick. Thinking back I never did check the manual so see if all the moves and definitions of each option were listed. Since I and most of my friends rarely feel the need to read the manual (check my rant on VP: L) I think it is dumb when publishers do this. Most other fighting genres allow you to pause and look at a move menu.

If you are a street fighter connoisseur I would suggest this game. The graphics are beautiful and game play is version solid.

Give it 8 out of 10, solid game play with a great look feel and sound. Learning curve is atrocious.


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