Monday, September 25, 2006

Bust a Move Deluxe - Not Completed

Once upon a time I was reading Little gamers and they referenced a game called "Bust a Move". Now I was a die hard N64 fan which saw very little on play station. My only real exposure with was from hanging at Matt and Joel’s place. So I missed out on allot and it appears that this game was one of those gems you regret missing out on.

The game is simple, match three or more colors together and they disappear. The stages become more complex and have different specialty bubbles that react different ways when they are used. Being as I played a game similar once upon a time on a my Linux machine it was easy to pick up and play.

For a puzzler I don’t think you can get much better (perhaps Tetris) then this game. The two hours after loading the game into my PSP just flew by. The next day continuing where I had left off I put another two hours into the game. At sometimes I will admit I was frustrated, but it passed very quickly.

This game will probably be that one game I keep around to play in air ports or on car rides. Since the time constraints are very minimal and the fun value is very high.

If you have a PSP and enjoyed any of the previous bust a moves or frozen bubbles, then this is a must.
I give the game 9 out of 10. In the genre of puzzle games, I think this blows Lumines and Loco Roco out of the water.


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