Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lego Starwars 2: Original Trilogy - Completed

At first you think star wars and legos, could there be a game that is more nostalgic and fun? Yes there could be a great deal of games that are more fun. When a person spends more then five minutes in an area that should take them less then thirty seconds to complete, something is wrong. There were at least four instances through out all three parts of the game that I got stuck. When I say stuck this means I could not even find a walkthrough to get me past this point and I am ready to chuck my PSP. The frustration I felt was intense enough to give me a head ache and ask for help from a friend. While my friend (Mike T) said he would look into it, I gave the game another go and found the simplistic yet obscure way to continue past the instance of my frustration. My feelings for this game were greatly dampened by this type of level design.

Playing through the three movies took me around six hours. Now here is a perk about the game. After completing all three episodes your only 35% complete with the game. It appears there is that much content in this game, though I will not continue with it for the sake of my sanity.

Some of the really great things about this game are the controls and the graphics. This game is very clean visually, giving life to movies which I have seen so many times Legos were a welcome and refreshing change. The animation while being simple still gave the characters depth. Showing emotions with smirks or frantic gestures. It at times was very amusing. The control of the game involved a party of characters the majority of the time. Allowing for some puzzle type scenarios, keeping the game from being a hack and slash. Using the force was fun but lacked a real ability to manipulate your environment. Everything was very linier when it came to using the force. I was disappointed with the fact I could almost blow anything up with a blaster, yes I can’t pick up and drop a flower pot with the force to break it. Alas this is not Jedi academy, it is Lego star wars and I guess my expectations my have been too high.

The game gets 7 out of 10. Looks great plays well, just call me if you get stuck on a level and I may be able to save you some frustration.


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