Monday, September 25, 2006

Wipe Out Pure - Not Completed

After a quick discussion with Zablanc, I have come to the conclusion that the racing genre is flawed. Perhaps I can convince him to do a post on why we feel this way. So from now on please take this into account when you see me give less then stellar reviews to any game other then Mario Kart.

Wipe out to me is F-Zero on the psp. The other racers seem unreasonably fast and can always catch you. Falling behind is not something you see them do, but of course you as the player are very capable of getting lapped. The steering requires a combination of the directional pad and the shoulder buttons which are the equivalent of an emergency brake. This makes maneuvering at high speeds through the courses a huge task. The boosts and weapons while adding to an aspect to the racer did not seem to help me that much.

The graphics are good and I was impressed knowing this was a launch game. In fact this is the game I saw on Moose's PSP when he got it that set the seed in my mind that I wanted one.

This game will not receive a rating, the time spent playing does not qualify for a proper evaluation. It did not hole my interest for more then an hour.


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Brian said...

F-Zero was a fun game though...


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