Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Loco Roco - Completed

What I think was one of the most hyped up games of this year. Which seems to be some what of a flop in Japan despite the inventive game play and its off the wall artistic style.

The game play is quite different from most games I have played. In fact I cannot really propose a game that resembles this one.

The game play is quite easy the majority of the time. Essential there are three types of input, tilt left, tilt right, and jump. Completely regulated by the shoulder buttons on the PSP. Sounds a bit odd does it not? Once in the game it makes perfect sense. You are a little blob, the rolls right or left and collect what looks like orange roses in order to get more blobs. These blobs can join together to make a larger blob. At times through out the levels you need to separate into little blobs to move forward. Which instills some tactics into the game.

Levels in the game are unique and very colorful. Tilting the world left and right hoping too and fro attempting to eat bugs and find all the orange roses. Each level felt different as I passed through them, even the smallest change made enough of a difference to keep the game from being repetitive.

One major complaint I have see is the music and honestly I cannot oppose these accusations. The music is something from a children’s special in the middle of the day. It does fit the format of the game, but in some respects I think classical music or even techno would have given the game a better sound element. After the first level I muted my PSP to save myself. The music has no significant value in the game. So I would suggest loading up some of your own tunes to have in the background while you play.

I happily give them game 8 out of 10. Short yet solid game play with plenty of content. Though the music left something to be desired it is better then nothing.


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