Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fired Up - Not Completed

Remember the old days of Carmagheddon and Interstate 76? I sure do and love the concept of cars with guns shooting other cars with guns. While allot of this love can be attributed to see road warrior at a very young age, the games still had influence on me.

This is a pure combat game with menial mission to transport things here and there and item collecting. Starting off with the combat, I found it quite enjoyable. The weapons on the vehicle are very easy to use. You have your primary cannon which has some assisted targeting, this eliminates allot of the frustration I normally endure in car combat. A good example is side missions in Mario kart, you have turtle shells and need to hit the goomba and have to be directed just right in order to hit it which sucks. The secondary weapons consist of things like missiles, grenades, energy weapons, etc. Homing missiles have a little ridicule that appears on the target and locks on and will seek the target to a point. If you’re facing the wrong way it won’t go blue turtle shell for you so it takes some skill. The challenge while fighting mostly stems from being faced the correct direction and the amount of enemy’s attacking. You are fully capable of out running enemies and hiding your vehicle. Being able to get out of a situation takes away the stress of the fire fights and who wants to be stressed while relaxing with a game. Another aspect of combat is the man able turrets through out the city. You can exit your car into the turret and fire limitless grenades into the enemy’s. This was used in a mission, but can also be occupied for good clean destruction.

The graphics are not ground breaking by any means, but there good and clean. The city’s you trudge through are well planned and designed giving the user a sandbox type feel. Through out the rubble of roads and buildings you will find strategically placed ramps and jumps. They are constantly used through out missions.

The story for this type of game can be fairly shallow and yet rewarding. I was actually impressed by the basis of the story and why the player is doing missions giving the player a feel for the post-apocalyptic destruction that has occurred.
This game gets 8 out of 10, there is just not enough to keep me playing (epically with Lego star wars loaded). It has a lot of the essentials for a fun game and I may complete it in the future


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