Monday, September 25, 2006

Racing Genre: It sucks

Here is my conversation with video game aficionado John Blanco:

Blanco: there is no game genre I hate more than car racing games
Blanco: There are so many series...they all look UBER sexy
Blanco: And they all play like shit :-)
Blanco: I'm glad Nintendo has none...I'd take Mario Kart anytime
Blanco: And that's my rant.
Mobat555: I concur, Grand Turismo is fun for 30 minutes, and Mario kart is fun for weeks
Mobat555: in normal racers you hit a wall and bounce
Mobat555: Mario kart you hit a wall and expect to bounce.
Mobat555: if it’s going to be beautiful and realistic then why don’t they take damage?
Blanco: EXACTLY!
Mobat555: it’s like playing god mode in a FPS, you still have to make all the complicated jumps, but not worry about dieing
Blanco: it's a bull genre
Mobat555: I concur

Are we the only ones who feel this way? Honestly what do these games give us other then going fast in a car we could never own? Is it a refresher from killing aliens, Nazi’s, etc? Mario Kart gives us a video game environment, a place you expect un-realistic things to happen, like in most Nintendo games. The leaders in racing games focus on realism of graphics and handling rather then how realistic the game play is. Would people play these games if there card exploded after nailing the wall once?

One of the best driving games that I have ever played was “Driver”. If your car got destroyed you were done and it forced you to focus on driving well rather then just fast. If there were more games like this then I might be able to call myself a fan.


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