Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cars - Not Completed

This is a cute little game with what I consider very good graphics. The game play is decent as a racer but does not seem to have a good balance. When I first loaded the game my assumption was that it was going to be a game geared for kids and would be a breeze for me. I have beaten the last three Mario karts and have done fairly decent with most racing games. But this one well stumped me. Its fairly hard and seems to lack the controls needed for a good racer. In most racing games you feel some sense of control when using a hand brake. With this game it really felt hit or miss and was not consistent at all.

After figuring out I wasn’t to hot at turning, I did realize that I could spin the other cars with ease and pull ahead. One of the tracks seemed to belong to a certain character, I spun said character out and looked at my map only to realize the game re-spawned this car directly behind me. Forcing me to lose the great lead I had in the race. I know this is an animated car racing game but why take away little advantage I was able to get?

The entire experience of the game was played in story mode. Story mode to me would be telling a story. Not just starting a different track with a header like "Farmer blah blah doesn’t like people in his field" and some where on the track the farmer pops out. There was a complete lack of plot and very little cut scenes. What cut scenes there were did no coincide with the game play. I have not seen the movie and I think it would be the only way to understand if there is even a story that is being followed in the game.

This game gets 5 out of 10. Graphics are great and the sound quality is decent. When it comes to game play the game is to hard and could prove frustrating for kids or people who are not proficient at racing games other then Mario kart. No story to be found in the game and the un-lockables just didn’t seem worth while.


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