Monday, August 21, 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters - NOT Completed

After playing the demo for this when getting my DS Phat on the American launch day, I could do nothing but look forward to it. Though I have not had allot of success with metroid games in my life. Either due to lack of attention span or the back tracking required in almost all of the Metroid series giving me a headache. One thing I cannot handle in games is a lack of direction, it physically takes a toll on me and gives me anxiety. Just to set the tone of where I am coming from.

Picked the game up brought it home and started to work my way through the first world. I found that I could play less then ten minutes with the stylus aiming system before my hand would cramp or start to hurt. Which has been a common occurrence with stylus heavy games on my DS. So I switched to the option where I point with the D-pad. Though this was much kinder to my hands it felt very awkward when trying to aim and kill enemies. Almost made me feel handicapped for the level of play I had selected. My conclusion is that I wont every be able to play first person shooters on a console. This definitely detracted from the game for me.

Another thing I noticed where how pixilated the environments were. This was a let down after seeing such smooth and fluid graphics in other DS games. I really felt that it could have looked better.

The story appears to collaborate well with the other metroids and what I know of them. It’s nice to see the introduction of other memorable characters into the series.

The multiplayer was fun. I did a few local games with Moose and Kath one night while I was doing laundry at there house. I won most of the rounds, but it was the first time with the game so it was expected.

I give the game 6 out of 10. In the end I was pretty disappointed with the game. The input and graphics really killed it for me.


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