Monday, September 11, 2006

Crazy 360 Video Impromptu Contest

Kotaku posted this crazy Xbox 360 video that seems to be an audition for the banned train station commercial from the UK. Brian Cercente is running an impromptu contest for a copy of Loco Roco and a Loco Roco Kitchen timer. The contest is to submit a short funny story explaining the commercial. Below was my entry. Wish me luck on winning!

Here is the post:

Here is the video:

"This is the Microsoft effort to assist in the medical treatment of people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The woman you see in the video is former KGB agent Ula Yokhfov who suffered through many horrific endeavors during the Russian Afghan war. The video game system can help re-create some of the most traumatic events that Ula had witnessed. Once recreated and Ula has been exposed to the traumatizing events, the emotion will fester into her mind and cause an episode.

What is witnessed in the video is the break through in Ula's treatment. The initial shock of the treatment may in fact contribute to the healing process and provide a way of achieving mastery over the event. For most people, these symptoms usually become less severe and gradually disappear over time. For others, the symptoms persist and become chronic which is why this treatment is getting so much appraise. This could lead doctors down a new path for those who suffer PTSS that were deemed to be untreatable. Ula's son Vladimir assisted in the process buy acting out as one of Ula's fellow agents adding familiarity to the situation and giving a loving presence of her son to help deal with her trauma.

This effort was made possible by Microsoft helping to further technology and how it can assist in the medical field, also thanks to the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and there work exploring Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and possible solutions."


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