Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Most Impressive Gaming Rig Contest - Not won

Joystiq asked in a post last week for pictures of how you have all your systems set up and connected to your TV. I sent in the same picture as I did for the Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins contest. Admittedly the picture was not the best representation of my gaming collection and setup and I did not have high hopes of winning.

However they announced the winner today. Sure he got happy with labels and this must have been what the editors wanted. But it appears that they did not pick this picture based on how it was connected to the TV. In fact in the picture I do not see any representation of all the systems connected to the TV. This disappointed me, not so much that I did not win. But that Joystiq selected one that does not appear to fit the criteria of the contest.

This is the post of the winner:

This is the post for the contest:

Any thoughts or am I just being a whiner?


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