Thursday, November 16, 2006

Less then 30 minutes per game!

Currently though different sources I have found myself with an over abundance of games to try out. When these games are less then stellar I pack them away and don’t give them a second thought. However it might be good to give a brief explanation of why I felt the way I did.

Ridge Racer: Thumbs Down
First in our line up is a game that seems completely based of drifting your car to get nitro to go faster. Though I admit it takes a few minutes to get the corners down correctly, the game seem to simplistic to have any longevity. My preferences rarely fall on a racing game, and this one is coveted by many. For me it was just was not worth the time.

Lumines 2: Thumbs Down
If you wanted an update to Lumines one with some new songs and some videos in the background, well here it is. The first lumines didn’t do much for me, the second seem to be a remake with updated music.

Ever Extended Extra: Thumbs Down
For some reason when I saw this game was available I jumped at it. Not sure what the allure was but it got a hold of me and I wanted to play it. Once in and ready I selected the equivalent of a quick game option. Started playing and attempted to figure out what the point of the game is. Once I had five minutes later I thought to myself, that’s it? That was it, make little explosions to create chain reactions of other explosions. Cute and entertaining, but there are better free web games in my opinion.

Snoopy vs. the Red Baron: Thumbs Up
Doesn’t this sound fun? My favorite flight sim (not space sim) of all time would have to be crimson skies. Just looking at the cover made me hope that there would be a resemblance in game play. The controls are solid, yet playing on the PSP rather then a joystick felt odd. Not necessarily bad, just not what I expected. The game is cute and fun and I got thoroughly whipped in the quick play mode. It’s a game I would like to revisit when I have played through better titles and have the time to learn the dynamics of the game.

Pacman World Rally: Thumbs Down
It always amuses me when’s someone tries to take a successful game formula from Nintendo and make it there own. This game is the red headed step child of Mario kart. The karts didn’t move very smoothly the items just didn’t seem to have the right dynamics. Over all it was as I expected, a fairly poor gaming experience.

Ace Combat: Thumbs Up
This game is fun, repetitive yet fun. You fly and shoot down countless air craft with bullets and missiles. The only jet fighter game I can remember having fun with. But after playing for 20 mins it was the same thing over and over which isn’t something I really want to spend my time on.

Sponge Bob Square pants "The Yellow Avenger": Thumbs Down
I have watched a few episodes and enjoyed the child humor of it all. Didn’t really care for the controls scheme of the game, and the lack of directions. After about five minutes I just put it down and figured it was made for smarter people then me. Perhaps I was just having a bad night.

The Power Stone Collection: Thumbs Up
A close friend of mine holds this game in very high regards. Since I never had a chance to play its original debut I was always curious what he found so enjoyable about it. It’s a fighting game with allot of interaction from the environment. After about 15 minutes of play the allure had worn off. The game is fun and unique, but nothing solid enough for me to warrant continued play.


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