Friday, September 29, 2006

Gitaroo Man Lives - Not Completed

This game sounded like a bundle of fun. In fact when I saw it was released in English I was actually got excited and instantly found means to acquire the game. When I got it in my hot little hands and started it I was instantly amazed. The graphical quality was amazing and the use of bright colors had me in awe.

So I load up the first level, which of course is training and prepare for the onslaught of gitaroo action. The game is a pattern game, where you press certain buttons in order as they appear on the screen. My trusty dog decided he is going to school me in the ways of gitaroo. The first segment of any altercation requires the charge mode, you point the analog stick in the direction of this blue line and press anyone of the four buttons when a cord needs to be played. This was pretty sweet but my timing is a little off so I miss a few cords. The second segment is battle, this is where you are attacked. A cross appears on your screen and symbols matching your buttons come from the direction of the button lay out. This is a little hard to explain but a good example is the "X" button. One the PSP the "X" button is on the bottom so when its symbol comes it fly’s up from the bottom. The "O" symbol is on the right, so its fly’s in from the right side. Not that confusing on the screen yet difficult to explain. Now while you are blocking these attacks you intermittently have to play guitar cords to attack. With no real pause in-between attacking and defending I usually ended up missing the first cord. On to the final part of the battle, which is where you opponent is on the run and you attack mercilessly to drain there power and win. Sounds like fun don’t it?

I am suddenly thrust into my first battle and the flurry of bright colors and sound I am pretty enthusiastic. I start my battle and notice the level in which things are happening seem to be much faster then the training. I am able to defeat this little devil girl on my first attempt with quite a bit of power left. The second attacker I was not so lucky with. Everything seemed fine and dandy during the charge phase and then came the battle. While attacking did not seem to be to difficult the defense was completely unreasonable. The buttons were flying in at a in which only soulless Japanese children could maintain. I thought to myself this is only the second level, what do they really expect from my fat American fingers (Imagine Stadlbauer playing this!). I fail miserable and it was only from my defense. I didn’t even get to the final segment of the battle. Not to be discouraged by this game I have looked so forward to I gave it another go. When the battle phase came I reverted to my mortal komabt days and mashed this living shit out of the buttons. In the end I walked away with barely any power left and was able to defeat my foe. Not this was the second level. At this point I am fed up because game play sucks, it is to hard and call me what you want. But what kind of idiot developer makes a game that is near impossible for a hardcore gamer. Even Athena was looking forward to this game and I don’t even want to put her through the experience.

Give it 3 out of 10, the game seriously pisses me off.


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