Thursday, September 28, 2006

La Manquina de Bailar - Completed

Last night I sat down at my computer and watched this movie. Roughly translated means "The Dance Machine", the movie was done in Spain and was completely in Spanish. After watching countless kung fu movies and the three weeks I spent in France it no longer bothers me to watch movies I cannot understand.

The plot or near as I can tell is the classic story of someone needing money for something. The cast consists of your classic characters:

Young man who is repressed, Best friend of young man who isn’t repressed, Old guy who had something tragic happen to him and can teach him the way, Girl who’s bubbly and the Object of main characters affection, other guy who likes DDR and is the token gay fellow, The teenage boy who looks up to the main character, Mobster who’s a dick and has way to much money, DDR champion of Japan and his two monks

Something kind of funny I think they actually call them shaolin monks, which last time I checked we only in china and the DDR champ is from the land of the rising sun.

Here is a quick break down of the plot. Old guy needs money, man character and friends decide to enter a Konami DDR tournament to win him the money, Old guy sends them to dance school to hone skills, Best friend turns on main character, teenage boy fills best friends spot on team, the totally school the other dance teams, mobster pays of judges to force the main character against Japanese guy and as not to ruin the movie for Blanco because I know he is going to watch it, I will say no more.

As cheese as the movie can be it is still better then any Uwe Boll movie. In fact I was more interested watching this movie completely in Spanish with no nudity, then house of the dead.

Should you watch this movie? If you want to and speak Spanish then go for it. Maybe the DVD will have English subtitles.


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