Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gun Showdown - Not Completed

The PC edition of this game did not impress me. But I did take the time to complete it, this version is a different story. This review will mostly be an addition to my pc review since the content is 90% the same. Gun Review

There was allot of news about this not being a direct port. The game had new missions and kind of a make over. This is true and in most cases it did not feel like many improvements were made. Ill start with the positive, the camera angle was reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. Over the shoulder with a cross hair. This is something I really like in third person shooters, give the game a great feel the standard over the head look. The aiming was controlled by the four buttons on the right side of the PSP. This control scheme was something I tried with Metroid Prime Hunter with very little success. However for gun the control was much smoother and reliable. There appears to be a form of grid snapping. When you move the cross hair it would go a set increment. This is only noticeable when trying to move the cross hair a very short distance and made it difficult to hit enemies at a distance.

Now something I literally hate about this version of the game, the horse. Instead of being able to grab a horse out of a field or on the street, the decided to give you one. This means there’s only one horse you can ride and he will come when you whistle for him. Stuck out in the middle of a field with nothing around, then just whistle so you don’t have to walk. This is a great idea and if they would have left it like this, then all would be fine and dandy. But no they had to make it so when the horse takes damage it will buck you off disappear and regenerate health. This seemed to tweak the horse so that it would take a ton of damage in circumstances that are not very dire. The middle of a mission that requires you to run to a certain place in a certain amount of time and suddenly you get bucked of and are left to walk. In the pc version I don’t think I ever had a horse die, to me this just seems ridiculous.

On the subject of horses the new version does not seem to think you should be able to control the horse. When going into a sprint the horse does not respond very well to turning left or right. This ultimately made me stop playing, trying to run across town and spending to much time peeling myself off a wall I just ran full bore into.

The game is 5 of 10, not to much to add to the version if you have previously played it. The game mechanics and controls are lacking. But the storyline and voice acting is awesome.


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