Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Less then 30 minutes per game!

Alright so this past weekend I was completely unable to find a PSP game I wanted to play. These are the four games that were played and well I just didn’t care for.

Pocket Racers:

It’s a racing game, the tracks are composed of environments you would expect hot wheels to travel through. Messy bedrooms with all kinds of junk in your way and so fourth. The first few tracks were fun, how ever it became fairly dependent on the weapons to get ahead and stay ahead. I wouldn’t recommend picking it up.

Mercury Meltdown:

This looked like a fairly neat little puzzler. But as with most of the puzzle games I have seen lately, it does not give you time or solid control to complete the levels. I could see how this would be fun for the smart bomb crowd but not for me.

Rengoku II:

This is a third person adventure type game. You go from room to room killing enemies, the repetitiveness of the game in the first five minutes turned me off. If you like hack and slash I think you might enjoy this, there might be more to the game I just missed.

Spectral Souls:

Seems like a final fantasy tactics knock off to me. It’s been a while since I played a turned based RPG and I guess I don’t really care for them. Nothing really stands about this game. If you’re looking for an RPG I suggest Tales of Eternia, I think Legend of Hero’s is suppose to be pretty good also.


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