Friday, October 06, 2006

Scarface - Completed

This movie is along the same lines as the Godfather. To me it’s nothing big, just another flick I have no real desire to see. The game seemed to follow the same lines, under 6 hours of game play and way to many cut scenes that don’t benefit the game. It’s strange that when I played cars I kept in mind it was a movie game trying to follow the plot of the movie and what not. When the movie is over twenty years old I just don’t get the same feeling. In my opinion they should be pushing the idea of the movie not just the plot.

Now this game is essential a combination of risk and drug wars. You have two different types of crew, pushers to sell your drugs and thugs which do the fighting. You can only have 10 thugs per territory which gives the battles balance for the most part. Pushers play a small but important role. You can have all the drugs in the world and it does you no good unless someone sells them. One pusher can sell so many units of drugs and you can have as many pushers as you want, which makes it just a matter of money to hire them. Ever round you push drugs for certain prices in different territories and that is how you make your money.

Money comes pretty quickly, however the buying system in place makes money management quite important. When you buy a thug the first one is a certain amount, the second one is double that amount and so fourth. At the beginning of each round this is reset, but it keeps you from completely overloading your territory and gives the game a strategic aspect. Like where to place thugs and if more pushers help etc.

Also there is a feature which can be compared mostly to card type games. The cards give you abilities to influence combat, drugs, and the law. Once per turn you can choose to attack an enemies territory. When this attack takes place you can choose from the cards to start off with and watch the battle ensue. The player has no control of the battle outside the card system. Through out the battle it will pause and allow you to play a card. The cards can be something as simple as a grenade to a coked up thug on a rampage. This is honestly the only part of the game I found interesting.

There are ten scenarios in the movie mode of the game. All of them start with a cut scene from the movie and have a vague connection between what your doing on the battle field and what happens in the movie.

This game honestly is 4 out of 10 for me. The graphics of the actual game play suck, I think they try and pull your attention away from this with all the cut scenes. But its a PSP it plays movies why should I be impressed with this. The game is also very short and not the interesting. When you finally beat it guess what the game tells you "If you want to continue your adventure look for Scarface on PS2". Thanks game developer as if I hadn’t just bought this game to play the adventure.

I think most players will be disappointed that they don’t get to shoot a bunch of people with Tony Montana.


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