Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Excite Truck - Completed

Hands down one of the best racing games I have had the pleasure of playing.

The game is on the wii and uses the controller to turn left and right and pitch up and down. The buttons on the wiimote control gas/brake/turbo. While relatively simple the controllers bring a huge dynamic to the game. If you can land a super jump on, all four wheels you get a boost. Traversing trees with slight left right moments will give you tree runs to the highest degree.

What could possibly make a racing game fun for me that didn’t include Mario? A racing game the measures your progress by something other then getting first place. You can excel in the game and unlock features while getting last place. The point system like many of Nintendo games is based on stars. Stars are obtained by doing performing different feats through out the track. Make a nice small jump get one star for catching air, make a HUGE jump using a turbo boost and stay in the air for a few seconds will get you five star super air. This also goes for drifting, crashing other trucks, crashing your truck, running past trees and so fourth. You do get a healthy amount of starts for winning, which is nice. But as I said you can generally gain all the stars you need on the track tromping around.

After completing the game in normal mode it unlocks the super excite. It does generally require you to get in first to gain enough stars to pass to the next track. But at this point you should know short cuts and game play well enough to continue on.

This game is 10 for 10, easily. I didn’t care for the music, but evidently putting MP3’s on your memory card will allow you to drive to your own sound track.


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