Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shrek the Third – Completed

This game severed a single purpose. To allow me to finally catch up to Mile T in gamer score (it officially brought me to 10k). This also should my 360 exclusivity kick and allow me to play some of the 30 ps2 games I have yet to touch.

Being as I really enjoy Shrek movies playing the game sounded like it could be enjoyable. It is a basic plat former that you lets you play multiple characters from the story and follow a plot that loosely fits into the movie. It does not follow so closely that you know what will happen on every turn, but it does follow it enough for you not to say everything is completely wrong.

The controls like most 360 games are very well done and easy to learn and use. Graphically it is on par with the movie with some subtle adjustments that should be expected in a video game. I really don’t have much to say about this other then it was fun, I did enjoy replaying some of the levels for achievements and I think anyone who enjoys the movies would like the game. Who wouldn’t want to do flying kicks with sleeping beauty!

Game is 8 out of 10, good graphics, fun game playing, defiantly something the younger crowd would enjoy. My only qualm with the game is not being able to skip all of the cut scenes, when replying levels it got to be annoying.

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