Friday, September 21, 2007

G.R.A.W. - Completed

My pops bought this for on my birthday and after falling asleep during the tutorial I waited a long time before giving it a second look. The original ghost recon was a great game that was involved with many of LAN parties, my assumption was this one would meet my expectations. The flaw in my logic is that game is a few years old and my expectations have grown, games from yesteryear no longer are capable of the fulfillment they once provided.

The game is not horrible by any means, the graphics are well done and I will give them kudos for a decent story. But two major things affected how much I enjoyed the game. The first would be the HUD. This is a 3rd person shooter and unlike a FPS where your focus is on the center of the screen, you have to user the area in which the player is not sitting to take in your environment. With the hub covering ΒΌ of the outer edge of the screen and your persona on the screen taking up the center portion, it makes it difficult to turn and track enemies. The second issue is the control scheme, constantly jumping on the ground on accident with a subtle click of the left analog. Attempting to zoom in with a scope with out moving your sites proved difficult. I think they could have found a much better scheme for the default controls.

The game is 6 out of 10, take into account I played 0 multiplayer games.

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