Friday, July 13, 2007

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddlers Green – Completed

There tends to not be many FPS’s for the zombie genre, this could be because most people might find the sluggish nature of zombies mundane. This game however nailed making the zombies a threat. When sitting in a farm house feeling safe and sound, then suddenly the door cracks in half and five zombies are chomping at the bit its compelling. The zombies come at you focused, steady, and in numbers. The threat feels real and the fact that a single .22 to the head barely slows them down make it that much more intense.

Sadly what you have just read is probably the only great part of the game. On occasion I will run across a FPS that makes me sick, as in motion sickness. I have come to the conclusion that the one in fifty games that does this to me is due to poor use of the graphics engine. Nothing in particular stands out about the graphics that made me ill, but the entire six hours it took me to play it I would barely last half an hour. This was after much tweaking of the graphics only to find settings that affected me to a lesser extent. The sound was equally as daunting, the music alone was enough to give you a headache. I don’t think any gamer wants to plan on taking two Motrin just to play a game that really is not that great to begin with. Finally the controls and guns were not too bad, I did think that most of the weapons felt under powered against our rotted enemies. Also the fact that shooting a zombie with a shotgun in the legs did more damage then a direct shot to the face, someone should really explain the mechanics of this to me.

The game for me was 4 out of 10, this includes my love for the zombie genre so you can only assume how bad it was to play. Six hours would be too little for most FPS’s, but for this it was just too much.

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