Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's – Completed

Now I only finished the game on easy, in all honesty I think after playing the first two guitar heroes easy gives you a good idea of the game as a whole. The problem with this version is I lived through the 80’s and my father being a music lover exposed me to a lot of what was popular at the time. After playing the first 20 songs not many stuck out in my head as songs I liked from that time. Nicole who is an avid fan of 80’s music was also disappointed in the selection. This is probably an instance of “what could have been” rather then something I would recommend to my friends. One neat little change is all the characters from GH 1 are in the game but with different clothing, helping them fit the genre.

If you’re a guitar hero fan and have grown leery of the songs in I and II, then pick up this version and jam away. You should easily enjoy yourself. I honestly don’t feel right giving this game a score is it is only held back by music selection. If you were waiting for something to push you over the edge into buying GH go get GH I or II. Only pick this up once you have over played the rest.

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