Monday, July 23, 2007

Pokemon Pearl – Completed

After beating the three GBA versions of Pokemon the next installment really seemed no different. If you’re a fan of course you’re going to love it and play it. If you’re new the genre well I would say give it a go, the mechanics and play of the game has been going strong for years for a reason.

The new interface using the DS is fairly nice and allowed me to battle just using the touch screen. The buttons are made large enough for my fingers to easily access the option I want. Also included for the DS version is your poke watch thing. I really don’t remember the name and I am kind of proud of that. But this watch rests on your button screen and has multiple applications that you collect while playing the game. Some of these are very used full, while others I never even figured out what they did. The concept is sound and gives the trainers that much more to play with.

After beating the elite four and the champion I was compelled to continue playing the game. In order to get the national pokedex you have to see ever create available in this region. This may seem like a tedious task as it turns out it was pretty easy. The programmed it so if you fight every trainer available you will view all of the pokemon in the game. Myself powering through the game missed many of those trainers and had to retrace my steps in order to finish off my pokedex. I would suggest taking your time and beating what ever trainers you find, in the long run the XP is really good for your primary pokemon.

I give this installment of pokemon 9 out of 10. An easy 30 hours of game play that is enjoyable and rarely frustrates.

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