Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Call of Juarez – Completed

I got this game on a whim because I saw it was coming out for the 360 (which sparked my interest), yet I was already released for the PC. There has not been a good western FPS in a very long time, thinking back Lucas Arts outlaw was the last great western I remember (I don’t count gun, not FPS).

The story centers on the events following the death of a teenage boy’s mother and step father. The boys step father has a brother who happens to be the town preacher attempting to atone for his sins. In light of his brothers death he swears vengeance on the boy blaming him for the murders. The story as it unfolds was actually quite entertaining and lead things along to where you wanted to know what would happen next. The key to the game is that both the boy and the preacher are played. Once completing a level with the boy you switch to the preacher and chase the boy through the level. This may seem a little repetitive, however both characters play completely different. While playing the boy its very MGSish, sneaking around and hiding in shadows. But the preacher is balls to the wall action, with his armor plate chest piece and duals revolvers he becomes a force to be reckoned with. He also has the ability to focus when shooting, slowing the fight down as your cross hairs slowly pass across the screen allowing you to tag multiple enemies. The concept is not much different then adrenaline in Cabalas African Safari.

The game did only take me around 8 hours to beat and felt a little short. Yet I hope that anyone who ever decides to make an Indian Jones game plays this and programs the whip and guns in the same fashion, because that would be one hell of a game.

I give them game 8 out of 10, the graphics were good but sluggish if set to high and I think my machine should be adequate. It could have been a touch longer, otherwise the game was on par for story, game play, controls, and keeping me entertained.

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