Monday, October 15, 2007

Bullet Witch – Completed

Originally I only gave this game about five minutes of my time (got it from gamefly) and it seemed completely off kilter for a 360 game. At that point I put it back into the sleeve and sent it on its way. Then I realized there were a few achievements to be had and only six levels of game play, Sara was kind enough to loan it to me for two nights and that seemed to be all I needed to finish the game.

To be 100% honest the game is not horrible, just don’t play it after BioShock or even Halo 3 for that matter. Graphically it’s not overly appealing and definitely looks like last generation graphics. Play ability is fine and it has some originality with spell casting. There are two aspects which appealed to me, first the constant firing of weapons against a fair amount of enemies, second the spell casting. Spell casting is a bit weak when it comes to different spell options you have, some are just for extra damage using little mana (not sure if that’s how it is referred to in the game but who cares) and others that do massive damage to a large area and use all your mana. The appeal comes from casting out a tornado into a large group of enemies or summoning meteorites to pummel the ground. It definitely gives the player a sense of power.

In between levels you have a chance to spend skill points collected during the previous levels. They are over priced for the benefit and if playing on normal you will only received maybe three upgrade the entire game, so long as you pick ones worth your while. This annoyed me to no end as it seemed I had little control or understanding of how to get skill points, granted I never put any real effort into figuring it out.

Finally the final boss battle was fun but frustrating, and not because it was hard. Simply because you never knew if you were dealing damage to the correct area of the boss, you receive subtle hints from what ever entity is communicating with you through the game. But even with the hints it never appears you are doing something correct until you have poured 1000’s of rounds into a certain area of the boss.

The game for me was 5 out of 10. Better then gun grave yet just as short. My suggestion would be to avoid spending any money on this game.

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