Thursday, October 04, 2007

Burnout Legends -Complete

My faithful PSP made a return as the foremost game system while in Cancun. Andrew brought a laptop with all his games so I was not limited to the ones I pre-loaded. Daniel was playing this and told me it was a lot of fun so I went for it.

Low and behold a racer I enjoyed, the burnout series has been around for a while. Yet the first few attempts at the game left me wanting something more fulfilling. Since in Mexico and lacking my 360 I gave it a much more solid look and found enjoyment in it.

This seems to be one of the few PSP games where the controls (of course not the nub) seem to work very well. The D-PAD was very smooth and functional a nice change of pace for the normally plagued controls in PSP games. Since the racer is basic it only used a few buttons, however they were also done correctly with there layout adding to the ease in playing.

The game play consists of two modes, racing and crashing. I did not discover the crash mode until I had finished all the career racing modes and honestly I am really happy it played out that way. There are 100 different crash runs and after the first 5 it is extremely repetitive and not that enjoyable, my only drive was to finish the game. The racing has a few different styles that kept the game interesting. The first that comes to mind and the worst in my opinion was burning laps. While I gained gold medals easily in all other facets this one seemed to be the most difficult. All you have to do is make a lap in a certain time, which at certain points seemed nearly impossible. I would really recommend avoid these if possible, it drags the game. The other modes are normal races, crashing cars, and being a cop crashing a car. They were all fun and rarely caused frustration.

The game was 6 out of 10, but definitely fun for a PSP game.

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