Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spiderman 3 - Completed

The first next generation Spiderman game is well more of the same. I thought Spiderman 2 was ground breaking, being as it was a sandbox superhero game. In my mind that is the only real way to do a super hero game (unless of course your hero has to walk every where). If you enjoyed 2 then 3 really is just more of the same even graphically.

The controls have been fine tuned and are very fluid. Though I still wonder how a common thug can take a full punch from Spiderman and still be standing. Anyone who can clue me into why this is would be much appreciated. The only seemingly new concept built into the game is the fact that you get to push buttons, just like in God of War. This concept has caused minor grumbling in the gamer community. The patterns are not overly hard but do require precise timing. Now what this means to me is you are playing someone who is super human in the capacity much further then us normal humans can control. These sections allow us to perform such super human feats with out frustration and add to the immersion of the game. If you beat Spiderman 2 and went through the end battle of trying to crawl to each power cord and yank it out, you know how frustrating it is to do something that Spiderman himself would have no problem doing. I myself welcome the change and look forward to other games involving this flow in there games.

To finish the storyline in the game took around 11 hours, which was a good 20 hours short of Spiderman 2. Perhaps developers have listened to gamers and are developing a fun experience that does not require a full work week to get a sense of accomplishment. I am really on the fence with this because I like a lot of game for my money, but I also appreciate it when I finish a game.

The game to me was 7 out of 10. For 360 the graphics could have been enhanced and even with the few changes there could have been more to it. The controls and flow of the game were spot on and made it an enjoyable experience.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ninety-Nine Nights – Completed

My pops wanted to buy me a game for my B-day, this has been the trend for a few years now as he knows how much I enjoy them. The game was only $30 so he bought it and GRAW too (costing what a normal game would be). Now to me there was not a whole lot of interest in the game being as the only advertisement I saw was a floor mat in GameStop. But I figure as a gift it might be fun and only had 9 achievement points it would be worth a go (I have become quite the achievement whore).

To start off the game does look good and plays well. That is if all you want to do is kill mindless hordes of enemies over and over again. This really appeals to me at this point in my life, mundane mindless button mashing with a goal of an extra 1000 achievement points. You start out with the first character and work your way through the battles to finish and unlock five other characters. Each character having its own abilities and play style give some variety to the game.

Now the story and how the characters are involved is quite complex. The base line is an army is fighting off goblins because the goblin king wants to gain immortality by joining two mystic objects. Through each battle the boss’s are other characters you get to play. This may seem repetitive as the battlefields are the same, but in the end the objectives and fighting style differ so much that it does feel like a new level. In the end you get to see ever aspect of the story, from a goblin, a knight, a mercenary, and a simple minded troll.

For $30 I don’t think you can go wrong.

The game gets 8 out of 10, it was a little short even though I am still replying it.

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