Monday, September 25, 2006

Bounty Hounds - Not Completed

WARNING: This game was played less then two hours. My comments are all based off of these two hours and should only be taken with that in mind.

Here we go on another magic journey to the land of hack and slash games. The game play is solely based on waves of enemies spawning from thin air and attacking you. Your camera angle is 3rd person, but it is not set. You have to constantly click the left shoulder button in order to reset the camera to its default position behind your character. This got annoying very fast with enemies pouring from all sides.

The tutorial was brief and not very helpful. I stood over a few corpses that contained items just wondering how to pick them up until I had pressed every button. Once I received the phat loots it appeared I could not use them. Why I don’t know that’s just how the game plays.

On a positive note the game looks really good. The weapons have some great affects when used and it looked stellar. The sound quality was regular and nothing to impressive.

One annoy thing about the game were the cut scenes. Which were very well drawn in a comic style single panel delivery. However all the text was in bubbles. This is the PSP why cant you have voice over’s? I know translations can be expensive, but I am way lazy and don’t think I should have to read my way through a game. If that is what I wanted I would have bought a book!!!

This game will not receiving a rating since it did not feel I got a full perspective of what it has to offer.


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